I’m keen on trees…the type found at alpine heights and bordering mountain landscapes.  (more than a little keen).

What began as an idea to take a “John Muir Year” in 2014 by giving a go at pursuing a future career in forestry / natural resource work has turned into (I hope I hope) a “John Muir Life”.  The objective remains to learn all I can that makes me trail-adept and woods-wise (in both the boots-on-the-ground and mind-in-the-books kind of way), and to share what I learn to encourage others (meaning you) to similar knowledge and draw toward forested landscapes.

In 2016 I embarked on the next big chapter of this “Forestry Odyssey” by enrolling in an Environmental History PhD program.  I’ll be keeping a regular research blog on this site (see the menu…should you be smitten with history + the outdoors).

So, this site is about my continued journey and about all things forest-related really.  I am sharing it for others equally smitten by the woods and for anyone who has felt lost in what their niche in life is…or felt the call to go after it, no matter how unconventional it seems.


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