I’m keen on trees … especially the type found at alpine heights and bordering mountain landscapes.  (more than a little keen).  Inextricably tied to this keenness, is a steadfast affection for walking among them.

What began as an idea to take a “John Muir Year” in 2014 – by giving a go at pursuing a future career in forestry / natural resource work – has turned into (I hope I hope) a “John Muir Life”.  The objective remains to learn all I can that makes me trail-adept and woods-wise (in both the boots-on-the-ground and mind-in-the-books kind of way), and to share what I learn to encourage others (meaning you) to similar knowledge and draw toward forested landscapes.

In 2016 I embarked on the next big chapter of this “Forestry Odyssey” by enrolling in an Environmental History PhD program.  I’ll be keeping a regular research blog on this site (see the menu…should you be smitten with history + the outdoors).

So, this site is about my continued journey and about all things forest, walking, and wilderness related.  I am sharing it for others equally smitten with such things, for anyone who has felt lost in what their niche in life is, and for you who might be feeling a call to go after it, regardless of how unconventional it seems.

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