Just a brief post – because I’m learning so much each day and I am forgetting to remind myself of all the blessings God provides.  But not today.

Today my forest recreation class went out to Sequoia Lake to make some progress on a unfinished bridge building project (mentioned in a previous post).  I remain the least experienced among everyone in my classes, and this class is no exception.

However, every day I have been repeatedly humbled by my classmates’ patience with my novice status and even more so by their willingness to help teach me how to do tasks in the field.  I am not sure what I expected, but I didn’t expect them to show such kindness towards me, and to continually encourage me in my attempts to learn…even as I epically fail at the start.  I do not take that for granted.

So, today, two of my classmates helped me learn to use cordless power drills, a socket wrench, and a bubble level while we worked on stabilizing the bridge and constructing its railings.  The basic task was to put in screws and/or lag bolts.  Time literally evaporated and I was just jazzed to get a tiny bit of skill with these tools.


The bridge is not yet done, and (shhhh….don’t tell my instructor) I am glad because we will return next week to do some more work on it, which will allow me to drill myself on drilling once more.


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