Last Thurs / Fri I had my first taste, of my first season, of my first natural resource job.  So, this is my first application of all that I have learned from my training in my “odyssey” into forestry, if you will.  My job has me camping for 3-4 nights a week, every week.  Part of the job includes hiking.  Part of the job requires living in the wilderness, working outdoors the whole time we are working.  In short, this is what I’ve long wanted to try and have been working towards getting an opportunity to do.

My first field work was a shorter version of what my normal week will be like, basically to (literally and figuratively) get my feet wet.  I’m working in aquatics for the summer, and that will have me in lakes and around water most of the time…and (as you can see from the pictures below) not too bad for the “office” view and “office” commute.

I am off today for my next work week, so just a short post for now.  But, thus far, I’m feeling incredibly blessed to be paid to work in areas that I normally would vacation in.  And, not only that, but get to do it every week instead of my annual trip into the outdoors.

Anyways, more on the job in future posts, but for now just sharing some of the beauty of my new working space to share my thankfulness for having a chance to do such work this summer.


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